September 09 - A Date in History For Everyone, Including Sellers Of Plastic Tubing Cutters

As human beings, our memories play a large role in our lives. What we remember is who we are. Some days are recognized as special by everyone in the world or in the same country, while other days are special only to one family or one person. We may even have the same special days as other people, but for different reasons. To explore some of the reasons why we deem some days more special than others, here are just a few of the things that might make a date like Sept 9 special to someone.

Wars and battles - specifically the ends of wars and battles - are a popular reason for declaring holidays in the country that won the war or battle. On September 9th, 1945, for example, the Japanese surrendered to the Chinese, officially marking the end of the second Sino-Japanese war and their involvement in World War II. We celebrate days like this because it means a return to peaceful days were no one is systematically trying to kill us.

Disasters - natural or man made - such as volcanic eruptions, bridge collapses, hurricanes, earthquakes, mine explosions, landslides, tornadoes, bombings, and ice storms are often marked by commemorative holidays because they resulted in the deaths of many people. By marking a holiday, we can be sure to set aside time to remember those who were lost and the people who came to the rescue afterwards. For example, in Orleansville, Algeria, September 9th marks the date of the 1954 earthquake that killed 1,600 people.

Births are always a cause for celebration because it means new life is coming into the world. A birth might be special to us because it is the birth of a family member. Or the date may become important later as a reason to celebrate the existence of someone who has made great contributions to human society. For example, you might mark September 9th as the birthday of your sister, but others might celebrate it as the birthday of French statesman Napoleon Bonaparte in 1822, or Russian author Leo Tolstoy in 1828, or Hugh Grant, an English actor.

Deaths are the other side of the coin. We mark deaths as special occasions in order to remember the person who died, including what they did during their life and how they contributed to society or how they died, if it was preventable. We might remember Sept 9 as the day a beloved grandfather died and commemorate the day with a fishing trip like we used to take with Gramps as kids. Some big names whose death days are commemorated on September 9th include Mao Zedong, the Chinese stateman, and Paul Michael Lombardi, an actor who died of AIDS in 1991.

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